The 7 Best Tips For An Organized Trip

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1. Use an app to organize all of your reservations. I know a lot of people that swear by Tripit.

2. Have a folder in your email for all of your confirmations.

3. Write an itinerary – I like mine to show where I am going and what locations I want to see are close to each other. You don’t want to go from the west side of London to the east side, then back to the west side. You might as well see everything on the west side then head east. I tend to go in a big circle to hit all the spots I want to see if it’s a one day trip. If I have multiple days then ill break my days down by area. If I have to make certain reservations, I’ll be sure to have that documented on there.
– Leave a copy of your itinerary with a relative or friend
– Have a copy of it on your phone
– Have it in your email
– Take a paper copy – This is just my preference.
I have a small notebook with my Europe trip planned all out, then the worst thing happened… I left the damn book at work and couldn’t go back to get it before I headed out on my trip. Let’s just say I wasn’t a happy traveler. Luckily, I had a back up in my emails.

4. Book everything in advance
– Flights
– Hotels, hostels, Airbnb, etc
– Specific activities and excursions

5. Determine your travel method
– How will you get to your destination?
– How will you get to and from the airport, bus station, or train station?
– How will you get around town?

6. Pack efficiently – Only take the items that you really need. Dragging around giant suitcases and heavy bags in the heat, up and down stairs, and through the metro is pure hell. I learned that the hard way. People in Paris were not happy about us wearing our big backpacks on the Metro.

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7. Use Google Maps to pin all the locations you want to visit in each city

What do you do to stay organized while traveling? Share your best tips with us in the comments.

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8 thoughts on “The 7 Best Tips For An Organized Trip

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      It’s my pleasure. Same here. I have to make lists for everything…. just so ill only forget 1 thing instead of 5.


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