The Ultimate Guide To San Diego, California

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Oh, beautiful sunny San Diego you are for the Godssss! The year-round warmth. The palm trees. The amazing beaches. I was clearly meant to be here. 4 1/2 years ago I sold just about everything I owned in Indiana to pick up and move to the city of San Diego, California and It’s just as amazing as they say. People come here from all across the world and we a ton of military bases here, especially the Navy.

Everyone is pretty laid back and are used to tourist so most people won’t mind too much if you ask them to take a picture or how to get somewhere.

Grab your swimming suit, shorts, tank tops, and maybe a light jacket and catch a flight asap. Let me hook y’all up with all the must-knows about San Diego.

When To Come

There’s NEVER a bad time to come here, but the best time to come is June – September. Why you ask? The ocean water. Babyyyy it is COLD! Unlike places like Florida that suffers from humidity and hurricanes, but has warm water all year long, San Diego has cold water most of the year. We have those couple of months a year when the water is warm enough to take a dip… just don’t skinny dip… well not unless you’re at Blacks Beach anyways (more on that later).

How To Get Here

By Plane – The San Diego airport is right by downtown San Diego. It’s actually a pretty good airport that seems to be going through a lot of updates.
By Train – If you’re coming from across the country, there is a route that allows you to see so much of the beautiful landscapes that the United States has to offer.
By Car – I know a ton of people that have driven out here from as far as Virginia. Personally, I hate driving lot distances, but if you have a big family and time to spare, this might be more cost effective for you.
By Bus – There are Greyhound stations in San Diego, but be sure to price compare this to flights. Flights can be cheaper a lot of the time and it can take up a hell of a lot less time.

Where To Stay

Stay near places that you want to see, because the traffic is horrible. I suggest the hotel circle area because it’s close enough to the beaches, downtown and a couple of great malls for shopping! The beach area is also great if that’s where you plan on spending a lot of time there. My favorites areas are the Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, and Pacific Beach areas.

If you want somewhere close to the beach I suggest and don’t mind a higher price point Paradise Point. I had the opportunity to stay there for work once and it’s absolutely stunning!

For a low price option setting at around $75 per night, you have Wyndham Garden San Diego. What I like about this location is it’s proximity to Sea World and the beach. Note: I have not stayed here

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Regardless of where you stay, be sure to rent a car. I personally like to book mine through Enterprise, because I’ve had some amazing experiences with them and their flexibility.

Uber is always an option, but one way from downtown to where I live (about 10 miles) has cost me $35 one way before.

The trolley – It cost $2.50 each way or $5.00 for an all-day pass. It’s great to take when going to downtown San Diego or Tijuana, Mexico. Parking downtown is always going to cost an arm and a leg, so this is way cheaper. Though we have the trolley and buses, it can take a lot of time and they have some limitations to the hours.

What To Eat

Do yourself a favor and hit up a taco shop. The sit-down restaurants are okay, but the little taco shops are where to get the best Mexican.
Ramberto’s in Spring Valley is my all time favorite and has never let me down. They’re open 24/7/365 and are pretty cheap. When ordering, keep in mind that they serve up my pretty big portions. One order of Carne or Pollo Asada fries can feed two.

Be sure to try some of these while in town…
Carne Asada Fries
Carne Asada Nachos
Beef, chicken, or fish tacos
And of course the California Burrito
p.s. I suggest avoiding restaurants downtown as the prices are much higher! Save yourself some money and head basically anywhere else other then La Jolla. The beach is always a great place!

What To Do

Hit the beach – We have so many to choose from. Remember when I said we’d get to Blacks Beach later? Well, that happens to be a hidden beach where everyone shows everything God gave them with pure nudity. If that’s not quite your scene, you can be sure to hit up one of the others.

  • Take a class – You can find art, yoga, dance, acting, and so many more classes around here.
  • Go to a museum, such as the San Diego Museum of Man, The Children’s Museum, or the San Diego Natural History Museum.
  • Go hiking – Most people love Cowels Mountain.
  • Go to Little Italy

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  • Enjoy the nightlife
  • Enjoy Balboa Park
  • Take a day Trip. Tijuana is my favorite, because of its close proximity. Need Ideas?

** Big World Adventures is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to ( ***

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I hope you enjoy your stay in San Diego. Please comment below with any questions or tell us about your favorite part of your vacation here.

Happy travels!



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