Our Barcelona Taken Movie Experience…. Almost

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Have you ever watched the movie taken? Well, I was pretty sure that’s what was happening to us when we arrived in Barcelona. I immediately got flashbacks to the movie and was thinking that was my future, but I don’t have some crazy badass dad like that to come and save me… I mean my dad would try, but he’s missing the resources…. He doesn’t even have a passport, which is pretty essential. So here’s what happened…..

I decided I wanted to take a car instead of the bus to our hostel because I was exhausted. We had just come from Paris, my backpack and laptop bag were heavy, and my feet were killing me, but that choice led us down a path that we never dreamed of.

I ordered a cab on this taxi app, which said it would cost 21 – 25 Euro’s and we were supposed to meet them in one certain location that is their designated pickup stop at the airport. So we made our way to the sign and waited… and waited…. and finally the first taxi driver canceled after he never showed up. WTF!? I was discouraged but thought it couldn’t happen again, so I ordered another… Then they never showed either, so I canceled the trip. Right after that our taxi driver flagged us down from a completely different location that was across the street. What the hell? Is there no real organization to the airport madness? We still needed to get to our hostel though, so we figured we would talk to him and see what we could do.

He said we had canceled, but he could do it anyway, so I assumed he would for the same quote. I assumed wrong! You know what they say about people that assume things. Let’s listen to those people because they’re right. Anyway, we put our bags in the back and got in the car, but something told me to verify the amount we would pay. I’m pretty sure it was my female intuition, but it could be that its common sense and most people would have done it before getting in the car. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about with that fail-proof gut feeling! Let me get back to the point though.

I asked the driver if it would be the same as the app and he said it would be 48 Euros. 48! That was a 27 – 23 Euro difference and I was NOT for it.

I immediately said, “no, we will find another way” and we both tried to get out of the car, but he sped off before we had a chance. My friend and I kept telling him to stop, but he wouldn’t listen. He called his friend to translate and I explained we told him “no” and asked him to stop while at the airport because his quote was double was the app said and he wasn’t even in the correct zone where we were supposed to meet. I explained we weren’t going to pay that price, but I would pay what the meter said if they dropped us off at the next exit. They still refused…

How can you keep someone in your custody with they don’t want to be there? Last time I checked, that’s illegal! We tried to talk to the man with reason and respect, but it wasn’t working. I panicked. My BFF panicked. It was a synchronized panic and we were a mess. Again, Taken 1 and 2 flashbacks were happening.

Finally after 20 minutes of being kept against our will, they agreed to take us back to the airport, meanwhile, they were talking in Spanish, so we couldn’t understand them very well, but we kept hearing them say something about the police, so we thought, “ohhh here we go”.
Luckily, when we got back to the airport a nice security officer stopped the cab and made him let us have our bags. By how he handled this situation, he has obviously heard it before. He was so kind and used google translator to talk to us and tried to help us through this hell! He must have been sent from God! Okay, well maybe not. I’m a bit dramatic, but this was the most terrifying situation I have ever encountered! We ended up taking the bus like my friend wanted to in the first place and finally got to our final destination. Crisis avoided! The beginning was awful, but our experience in Barcelona was amazing.

Have you guys ever experienced anything like this? Let us know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Our Barcelona Taken Movie Experience…. Almost

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      Don’t let this scare you away. Just be sure that you ask and confirm how much the ride will be before you put your bags into the vehicle or get in it. Safety first! You can also take the bus from the airport to the city center for 8 Euros. It was really easy and pretty quick.


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