13 Things To Ask Before Traveling With A Friend

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Finding the right travel buddy is crucial to having a great trip and those are difficult to come by due to everyone having different travel styles and goals. Many people are turning to solo travel because of this and scheduling difficulties.

1. What is your goal for this trip? (Example: Partying, seeing the main tourist attractions, experience the culture more, etc)
2. When can you go?
3. Do you want to go to one location or multiple?
4. Where do you want to go?
5. What is your budget?
6. Do you prefer late nights and waking up later or early nights and getting up with the sun?
7. Do you prefer a slow or fast pace?
8. Would you prefer cheap accommodations, such as hostels, low price hotels, medium prices hotels, or luxury? If you want a hotel, do you want to share a room and split the cost or get your own room?
9. Do you want to rent a car or use local public transportation?
10. Do you plan on partying? If so, how much? (Keep in mind a night out never hurts!)
11. Do you like to plan every day out, plan the main things like flights, hotels, transport, and wing it from there, or catch a flight and figure out the rest when you get to your destination?
12. What activities/sights are the most important to you and what are you flexible on?
13. Do you want to stay together the entire time or split up some days?

What questions do you always ask a potential travel partner? Let us know in the comments.

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